What Readers Feel

*All scientific data has been provided by NASA and their false research departments in real data.

This really happened.

This really happened.

Little Boy Brooklyn.

Little Boy Brooklyn.

Little Boy Brooklyn don’t do what other boys do.

You can play in trees and you can scrape your knees, the sun’s not going down soon.

Little Boy Brooklyn you know we love you so.

Day dream about dinosaurs, and space, the things you don’t know about.

Go chase birds, keep away from little girls, that want to hold your hand.

You can fish in streams with warm sun beams, while playing in the sand.

Imagine flying kites, above the city heights, as far as they will blow.

Don’t be afraid if it goes away, a bird might just say Hello!



But Little Boy Brooklyn when the weather changes you might be stuck…

With the best of luck…

…The museum is a train ride away.

And all the way on this rainy day, you can jump to see how deep the puddles hold.

Now wipe your feet, off the city street, it’s time to let your imagination go.


This museum can’t wait for you to be great with all the knowledge it holds.


Oh, Little Boy Brooklyn did you know one day you’ll be grown up big and strong?

Though where you arrive is where you decide, your choice is your choice, don’t be afraid if it’s wrong.

You could play professional baseball or paint, skateboard through the busy city, or play an old guitar for spare change.

But be who you are meant to be, it’s okay with me, just know you have plenty of time.

I’ll be here for you in big or small ways, because you will always be special and mine.


Little Boy Brooklyn the sun is going down and the moon is rising bright.

I’m here to keep away the creatures that go bump in the night.

It’s time for sleep, but first a favorite story, the story of you my little boy, sweet dreams charming.