Website Policies

Have fun and take what you will, but if you must, then give me some sort of credit: Good or bad. Burn a bad book or two, but have a conversation about why first. If you like a story, share it and maybe doodle a drawing about what you read. You may be rewarded! 

If you find it strange that I write cute children's stories and vulgar fiction, well, the two are very separated mentally. 



I have no friends, who will I share this with? Plus, you have social media (at least one) so if you care about your privacy then put on a towel. 



No noodle armed writer here, I will protect you. If you bump into me on the street, say hello. If someone is chasing you, well, I'll stick around and again, add some safety. Unless that person is really big and scary, then you probably fucked up. 


Cancellations & Refunds

There is this beautiful "X" towards the top write of your view I believe, just click it to claim your refund or cancellation. If this didn't work the first time, just repeat.

In all seriousness, if and when I sell on here, if you want to return it, I won't accept it. But, feel free to email me.

I make it very simple to advertise with honesty, so if you drunkenly tricked yourself to buy something, then, sober you wants to return it, well just remember "X" and repeat.  


Grammatical Errors

I know. I'm quite illiterate, but writers aren't editors, thank goodness for editors.  Also if you can guess who said the whole I'm quite illiterate note, I'll send over a reward of some sort. 


Really? If you are over 18 and this bothers you, then you need to kill yourself, not really, don't do that, I don't recommend it. But if it does bother you, stop reading it and get some real life experiences of courage, loss, and understanding. Or just google people dying and you can see what really happens in life, not in my head.